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A constant strive for flair and personality

tonsthlm is a music production company that mainly works with motion pictures. It could be feature film, TV, documentaries, commercials, web or graphics, it doesn´t matter. We always strive for quality, flair and a big portion of personality in our works.

We, Robert and Ulf, are originally instrumentalists and play almost every instrument ourselves on all our productions (even though brassplayers and singers are usually hired). This means, we can have total control over the production and how it sounds.

 The result, so to speak.

Our company was originally founded back in 2000 named JingleBrothers, but in 2010 we decided, not only to change name to TonSthlm, but also hire a good friend Henrik Eriksson. With a profound experience in television, animation and film, he makes a major difference when it comes to communicating with sound and imagery.

Ulf Engström

Robert Östlund

Hammarby Fabriksväg 43